Monday, July 18, 2011

6 Day Detox - The Rules

Beginning on a Sunday and finish on Friday night so you are ready to go for your event on a Saturday.

Here's what's being cut out of my diet for the next 6 days:

  • Increasing water intake.
  • Increasing green tea intake.
  • Decreasing caffeine that's derived from coffee, chocolate and energy drinks. 
  • Decreasing carbonated beverages including soda pop, sparkling waters as well as fruit juices (too much white sugar!)
  • Including raw fruits and/or vegetables with every meal. 
  • Decreasing sugar and salty snacks, replacing them with fresh fruit or roasted soy beans or chic peas. 
  • Eliminate white sugars and artificial sweeteners (even though they are low-calorie, there are far too many health risks associated with them)
  • Limit the amount of meat, especially those that are frozen or ground chuck (they are drenched in sodium and are often fatty).
  • Eliminate frozen foods. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables! 
  • Eliminate trans fats. 
  • Eliminate fast food! Too many fast food restaurant meals are high in white sugars, unnecessary calories, saturated and trans fats and have waaaaay too much salt/sodium! Ick. 
The purpose of this detox is to take a break from the unhealthy foods you've been bingeing on and replace your meals with meals, which your body will actually benefit from. The recipes will be posted daily on our blog ( as well as on our dailybooth account ( Follow me on Twitter to find out great ideas for cardio (@RachhFit) and keep up to date with all our detox reviews and recommendations on


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