Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures in Health: Juicing - Day 1

Hey girls!

So in my attempt to be healthier (especially after my trip to Texas) I decided to do a little research on juicing.  What would be easier than downing a glass consisting of 10 carrots, an apple and 2 stalks of celery?  Vegetables intake for the day = DONE!  Right? ... Right?

Although not an expert, I did do a bit of research on the topic and here are the 3 primary benefits of juicing:

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  1. Nutrient Absorption  Due to the terrible food choices many of us have made over the years, our digestive tracks aren't exactly in top shape. This means our bodies can't absorb all the nutrients when we eat our veggies.  What juicing will do is sort of "pre-digest" those nutritious fruits and veggies for max nutrient absorption!  
  2. Get All Your Fruit/Vegetable Servings Faster! In case you haven't already tried this, let me tell you... its tough to stomach all your fruits and veggies for one day - that's a lot of food! 3lbs of carrots OR 1 glass of juice...? (Ok I'm exaggerating but you get the picture)
  3. Variety! Did you know that you should be regularly choosing new types fruits and veggies to rotate through your diet?  This is a great way to hide those veggies you might not like that much (my sister-in-law will NOT eat any fruits or vegetables. Period.  Did I mention she's 19?  I'm forcing this juicing on her).  
I've done a few hours of research and come up with a ton of different recipes I want to try.  So what better way to motivate myself to keep this going than to share it with you??  Stay tuned as I'll be posting up a ton of recipes including my notes on how they taste and what the recipes will do for you!

Let us know in the comments below if you want to follow along with us! I'm really excited to do this!

Let's start with recipe number one: berry deliciousness.  I didn't want to terrify myself by juicing beets and cucumbers on my first go.


1 cup raspberries
Raspberries possess almost 50% higher antioxidant activity than strawberries, three times that of kiwis, and ten times the antioxidant activity of tomatoes
1 cup strawberries (cut the tops off) 
One cup of strawberries contains over 100 mg of vitamin C, almost as much as a cup of orange juice.
1 cup blueberries
The berries natural compounds recycle toxic proteins linked to age-related memory loss.
1 cup blackberries
One of the top ten super antioxidant rich foods ever!

The Verdict
Look: Yummy berry colour
Texture: Interesting. A little like jello. Need to add some water to thin it out. It's not entirely liquid either, there's a tiny bit of pulp in it. But if Lauren can handle it, I promise you that anyone can.
Taste: Delicious. Would be even better if the berries came from our garden :(


  1. Wow it looks very good! I don't have this machine, but sometimes I make some fruit-shake (without milk), and now that it's summer there are a lot of yummy combinations that I want to try! :)

  2. This is such good idea.
    I am not fruit and vegetable's number one fan either, but this seems like a fun, easy and pain free way to get the into my system :)

    Thank you for a great post!

  3. Hey Rachh! I'm so excited you're doing this! I recently got a blender, and though I know it's not the same, I've been having smoothies at least once a day to up my fruit/veggie in take. I'll def be taking these recipies into consideration when making my daily smoothie/juice. Thanks!!