Monday, June 20, 2011

What I Ate Today (Rachel)

Taryn and I get a ton of requests every day to show you guys what we eat. So here's my version of what I eat in a day!

I'm a big breakfast eater, I can eat a soon as I wake up (and often my tummy wakes me up early to eat!).
Today I had a bowl of President's Choice's "Ancient Grains" cereal with 1 medium banana and 1% milk.  You can see in the last image the ingredients list in the cereal; I'm getting a ton of excellent sources of whole grains here!  Then I have my tea with milk and brown sugar and a tall glass of water.

Since I woke up late today (oops) I didn't have a snack after breakfast.  For lunch, I had leftovers from dinner! Lean steak with brown rice and steamed asparagus, yummy!  To compliment the meal, I had my big ol' glass of water :)

I just started juicing (more information on that to come soooooon) so here is my quadruple berry juice with 4 cups of berries in it!

I was at Chris' parents place for dinner and we had yummy TACOS!!!  Normally I wouldn't have red meat twice in one day but that wasn't something I could avoid... just roll with it :)  Piled on the veggies and salsa of course!

After Dinner Snack
I forgot to take a photo of this, but I normally have a little something sweet after dinner (I have a huge sweet tooth!).  Nobody is perfect, nor should anyone strive to be.  I moderate my portions and try (TRY!!!) not to overdue it.

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