Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Eat in a Day!

Although we have a dailybooth account ( Rachel and I were thinking to ourselves, hey! We vlog an entire day of what we eat and why...unfortunately Rach went to Texas and I went to work and so I wasn't able to complete a here's a BLOG!

This is what I would eat on a typical weekday. And its not to say that every day is perfectly balanced. Some evenings I will have icecream or chips because I feel like it. My mindset is that you should never restrict yourself of something, unless it is horribly unhealthy for you, because your craving will get even bigger and stronger! So when I do eat chips, popcorn, icecream, chocolate or candy (mmmm...swedish berries...) I try my best to eat "in moderation." Meaning I consciously eat and watch my serving sizes so I don't over do it.


A whole wheat English muffin with Becel margarin and homemade strawberry jam. My coffee on the side. Now, this is not a standard breakfast for me on most weekdays. I'm not one of those people that can just up and eat right away...I usually have to wait about an hour before breakfast to work up an appetite. This means that I usually just grab something on the way to work, which usually consists of a Tim Horton's muffin or bagel and a large half hot chocolate, half coffee. You're probably thinking, WHAT?! Taryn eats fast food?! Yes, I do. Its part of our culture after all! Think of it this way, you eat meals a day, make 2 perfect and be a little 'meh' with the others. Nobody's perfect, right?

 Here I'm just showing you that the labels on the bag say "100% whole wheat," which is just a marketing tactic... after reading the ingredients, however, you can assured its whole wheat because its the first listed ingredients.

PS find out more about whole wheat versus whole grain here. 


Green apple with peanut butter. Yum!


A warm spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, asparagus and pumpkin seeds with homemade low-fat dressings and a berry smoothy! 

 Organic spinach with pumpkin seeds to start off.

Add in two hard boiled eggs, since I don't eat a lot of meat I usually get my protein from eggs.

Baked asparagus from the dinner from the previous night. Just simply put into the oven with some garlic and olive oil and baked until soft but not mushy.

My current favourite homemade salad dressing. 1 tablespoon (or less) of white vinegar, Dijon mustard and honey. NOMS!


The berry smoothy is made with Minute Made orange juice, fresh raspberries and blueberries and Astro organic yogurt. 

About a quarter cup of yogurt, a cup of berries, a half cup of orange juice and BLEND! 


Homemade trail mix! Cashews (not salted), dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. 


A delicious dinner made by Momma Fit! Grilled asparagus with a barbeque chicken breast, potatoes and onions that were grilled in a tinfoil package and purple cabbage coleslaw. Everything is homemade and fresh. 

What did you eat today?! 

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